Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Squire is 8! Finally!

Squire turns 8!

He got baptized on August 1. He has been waiting so patiently for so long to get baptized. My sweet boy is such a good kid and close to the spirit, that it made for such a perfect day. We had all of our wonderful family, minus Aunt Hilary, Uncle Colby, and Kamri, there.
8 things I love about Squire!

1. His spontaneous hugs (which are almost like a tackle!)

2. His willingness to help out at home.

3. He is such a great friend and example to others.

4. What a handsome boy!

5. He always has a football in his hands.

6. He is a great student and always tries to do his best.

7. Always close to the spirit and trying to do what is right.

8. Cuddling and reading with mom at bedtime.

On his birthday we went to see the new Harry Potter and had buffalo wings and homemade pizza for dinner. We also went to an OWLZ baseball game. Squire and Jason tried real hard to come home with a ball, but were unsuccessful. When our kids turn 8, they get to take one friend to go do something fun. So Squire chose to take his cousin, Coleman, to an OWLZ game and then have a sleepover. This time they were successful in bringing home a ball! These were the perfect activities for our sports fanatic!


Lindsey said...

Everytime you post your kids just look older and older-or maybe I just feel that I am getting older and older.

Or possibly,it's just that it has been so long since your last post!!!

Glad to see that Squire had a great birthday.

The Downey Family said...

What a darling little boy!! Derek had such a blast wrestling with him at the park. He is going to be a little competitor. Your family is beautiful@!!